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Zombies In Your Printer!

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The zombies! They are in your printer now! Oh the ink, OH the paper … OH THE HUMANITY! Well… you do have to download the file and print it first for that even to be the case, but now you have the option! Download and print the ZomNomNom zombie papercraft image and with some scissors and free time, you will have a ZomNomNom zombie staring back at you. Share your zombies with us by tweeting us (@hightalestudios) or posting it to our Facebook wall!


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Announcing Acorn Assault

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The squirrel revolution has begun! After years of oppression and acorn hording, the commoners have revolted. Pick up your weapon and fight for the oppressed, or fight to keep your stockpiles of nuts to yourself. Acorn assault is a turn-based match-three strategy game where you can fight against the computer or a friend in local or online battles.

Since the launch of our first game, ZomNomNom, we have been planning and working on Acorn Assault. For those that have followed us, you will remember our entry in the Ouya Create Game Jam by the same name. Since the game jam, we have been working on building our own world of characters and improving the game based on the feedback we got from the community. The game will be releasing this summer on the Ouya game console along with PC, Mac and linux! We will have more to announce about this game soon, so follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest news!

We Made a Game About Battling Squirrels for our First Game Jam! Play It!

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In our last post I talked about our first game jam. Well, today is the last day and we finished it with a game we are proud to stamp our logo on. Acorn Assault is the result of our long nights of development. It is a turn-based match-three battle game. Think along the lines of Triple Town meets Pokemon Battles. You can choose to play against the computer or a friend locally.

Playing against the computer will get you familiar with how to play the game, but the real fun is fighting against a friend. Luckily for you, along with the Ouya version, we also made a version you can play in your browser. You can read more about the game, check out our trailer and play the game on the product page for it. So check it out. Click here to start hurling acorns at your friends!

See What Our Next Game Will Be

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Back in July, we backed the Kickstarter project Ouya. Late December we received our development kit and started thinking about how we can top ZomNomNom in 2013. Luckily, Ouya has teamed up will Kill Screen to host the Create game jam starting today, January 14th, to the 23rd. That’s perfect timing if you ask us. So we are here to say that High Tale Studios will be participating in this Create game jam and will be posting updates to keep you abreast of our development.

But what does this mean for you? We will have a playable demo available for you to test and give us feedback to help shape our next game. We have been hard at work on this game, and we will be showing it off soon. In the meantime, let us know in the comments below what kind of games you would like to see from High Tale Studios!

ZomNomNom Update and Free Version Available on Google Play

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We have been working hard to bring our first big update to ZomNomNom since it’s launch and it’s finally here on Google Play and submitted for review for the App Store! In addition to our big update, we have also released a free version to the Google Play market and are awaiting Apple’s approval so we can release it on the App Store as well.

In the update we have two major additions to the game. The first is for all of you that want bragging rights over your friends. Once you beat the game, you are awarded a Skull Badge and sent back to the start of the game with all of the weapons and coins you have earned. But for every Skull Badge you earn, the zombies get even more difficult to slaughter. Stack up your Skull Badges and brag to your friends about your amazing zombie killing prowess!

But that’s not all we have stuffed in this update. After all of your zombie bashing, you undoubtedly have fat stacks of coins just waiting to be converted into something awesome, and we have just the thing for that! Game Modifiers! You can see some in action in the screenshot attached to this blog post, but some you have to hear to truly experience. Big Head Mode will puff up the noggins to more than twice their normal size for some goofy looking fun. Pair that up with Mini Mode and you will have some bobble-headed looking foes coming after you. There are five game modifiers in total to augment your zombie killing experience.

That’s it for the big updates in the paid version, but wait! There’s more! As mentioned before, we now have a free version of ZomNomNom available on Google Play and soon on the App Store! And don’t fret about not being able to brag about your Skull Badges or get an absurdly sized head with Game Modifiers. The free version is an ad-supported game which provides the exact same experience as the paid version! So why are you still reading this? Get out there and take care of that zombie invasion!

Android app on Google Play

ZomNomNom Available on Your iPhone, iPad and Android Devices

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ZomNomNom is now available on your iOS and Android devices! Get your copy today and start blasting away the zoms!


It’s “Red vs. Dead”! Play as Red, a gamer by day and a receptionist for Viro Corp Laboratories by night. After an experiment gone horribly wrong zombies have been unleashed and you are the last best hope to stop the utter zombification of the whole freakin’ world!

Arm yourself, stand your ground and annihilate wave after wave of ferocious undead hordes. Fight the dead or die trying, because once you are gone there is nothing that will stop the zoms from their nom-nom-noms!!!

Check out the official ZomNomNom page here for more details!

ZomNomNom - High Tale Studios     Get it on Google Play

The Zoms Arrive September 15th!

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The zombie apocalypse is nigh! At least for your mobile device it is! ZomNomNom will be available for download on the App Store and Google Play on September 15th.

You are Red, gamer by day and receptionist for Viro Corp by night. In an attempt to cure gaming addiction, the scientists accidentally turn the gamer test subjects into the seeds that spread the zombie infection. Play through fifty intense levels with over thirty weapons to shoot, blast and whack the zombified horde before they can nom on your fresh gray matter! Check out our full page for the game here, and for more updates including screenshots and feature articles, stay tuned!

Ooh Yeah! We’re backing OUYA!

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There have been many amazing Kickstarter projects coming out such as Double Fine Adventure which is revitalizing the classic adventure game, and CLANG which aims to bring more authenticity to sword fighting games. But recently a new project has been blowing up that aims at changing the game console itself. I’m talking about OUYA (pronounced “ooo-yah”). OUYA is an Android based game console that encourages hacking and is made with the indie developer in mind. That’s us! And since we already make Android games, we would be crazy not to hit this upcoming platform.

So, High Tale Studios is now a backer of OUYA. We were able to snatch up one of the 200 developer packages yesterday. We don’t have any titles to announce for the system, but you can rest assured that we will be making sure future titles work well with the system.

Go ahead and check out the console. It is very sleek, has plenty of power, and best of all, it is cheap! And if you pony up the dough, we will see you on your high definition screen soon!