Acorn Assault Rodent Revolution is the French Revolution played out by squirrels adorned in powdered wigs. This is a quirky, tail-bobbing turn-based strategy game. Raise an army, overthrow a tyrant King and save the oppressed squirrels in the Rodent Revolution! Hone your skills in single-player, then duke it out with players around the globe in online multiplayer!
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Battle through an epic journey against five unique bosses each with their own abilities and environments.
Enjoy quirky, hand-made immersive artwork and animations!
Battle in 25 epic levels.
Take control of your enemies: play as defeated single-player enemies in online multiplayer mode!
Bring the fight online and battle people from around the world.
Fantasy Violence
Tobacco Reference
Team Members
Days to Make
Lines of Code

Wallpaper: Acorn Assault

January 11, 2017

Acorn Assault: Classic

April 5, 2014