Mobile Applications

Our experienced designers, artists, and engineers have developed and deployed high-quality mobile applications for iOS, Andriod, and Windows platforms.  From design to final release and support, we have the skills and expertise to deliver a fully interactive experience.

Console Game Development

Our Unity Development team have hands-on experience developing immersive 2D and 3D games across the major mobile platforms, as well as  XBOX, OUYA, and PC.  In addition to our development team, our studio’s seasoned 3D modelers, sound engineers, composers, and graphics team provide us with all the components to create the most engaging games out there.

Virtual Reality Development

As one of the most long-awaited technologies finally emerges, we are on the forefront of providing the most immersive experiences for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Gear VR.  Using the latest VR wear out there, we are providing our clients with custom, immersive experiences.

Game Art Designs

Art assets can be one of the most time-consuming tasks in game development. From concept art to full environment packs, our artists always bring a creative twist to the norm.  Many of our assets are ready to use at the Unity Asset Store.

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Reduce Draw Calls Using Vertex Colors

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I was browsing the subreddit /r/Unity3D yesterday and came across this post from /u/HyperParticles about batching objects with different colors which inspired me to share a trick I have used on many projects including Acorn Assault: Rodent Revolution for just this issue. Unity is pretty good at batching like objects so that you reduce your draw calls and improve rendering performance….

VR Optimized Radial Progress Bar

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Unity comes out of the box with many user interface controls, but one thing that is lacking is a radial progress bar. I needed one for a project we are working on and contemplated my options. I could either pick up something on the asset store and spend time learning it, or I could make my own and “know how…

Increase performance for mobile VR

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Making sure your application is optimized for VR is much more important than non-VR projects. This is because VR requires 60 - 90 FPS in order to give users a...

Marshalling your data for Socket/IO? Maybe not.

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Hi again!  Today I’ve been working on send variable sized data packets over from my client to server using the simple TCP components I mentioned in my TCP Socket Programming post. I have a few different classes that I want to serialize to byte[]s and send over the wire.   After reading a few suggestions online, I decided to try Marshalling. With…

This game is a silly strategy game and actually got me into playing more stratgic[sic] games. If you like indie games, you will love this!


I loved this game! It's like a crazy mash up of risk with chess... I don't much know how else to describe it. It's addictive and puzzling. Makes you have to keep playing!


Besides light and entertaining gameplay elements, the game also includes beautiful graphics (the squirrels couldn’t be more adorable in their French Revolution-themed clothing) and some fun and quirky humor found in the smack talk between the revolutionary squirrels and the king’s troops.


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