ZomNomNom is a rather addictive tower defense game.

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We would recommend it to anyone with brain...you know what I mean.


The game is double-barrels of zombie-culling fun.

Android Tapp

It’s “Red vs. Dead”! Play as Red, a gamer by day and a receptionist for Viro Corp Laboratories by night. After an experiment gone horribly wrong, zombies have been unleashed and you are the last best hope to stop the utter zombification of the whole freakin’ world!


Arm yourself, stand your ground and annihilate wave after wave of ferocious undead hordes. Fight the dead or die trying, because once you are gone there is nothing that will stop the zoms from their nom-nom-noms!!!


From High Tale Studios – the same team that brought you… nothing! This is our very first game!

Wallpaper: ZomNomNom

January 11, 2017

ZomNomNom Papercraft Zombie

January 11, 2017


  • Battle your way through 50 waves of zombies!

  • Stand your ground against 6 different zombie types!!

  • Collect cash to buy all 35 weapons!!!

  • Frantic “Shoot and Swipe” gameplay!!!

  • Impress your friends by collecting all¬†achievements!!!

  • Hand drawn comic cut-scenes and chilling original music!!!

  • Gratuitous use of exclamation marks!!!!!