Trial By Error

Friends Don’t Let Friends Use Interfaces on MonoBehaviour Objects

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Interfaces are great and solve many problems in the world of programming, but recently I have come across a scenario where they cause more harm than good in Unity. I am currently developing a VR zombie shooter game which I will simply call ZNN VR since I have yet to decide on a final name yet. You can read up on the current state of the game here.

The Problem

Since we are targeting Vive and Oculus Touch for ZNN VR  we needed to somehow handle switching between the two. The most obvious answer is to detect which headset is being used and programmatically tell the game to use the appropriate game objects. However, everything external to that should be agnostic about which device we are using so we don’t complicate our code with unnecessary if conditions. Read More

Solved: Samsung GearVR application closed unexpectedly

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As we were preparing to submit our final build of Acorn Assault VR: The Ride to the Oculus store, we encountered a critical app crash during the app launch process via Oculus Home. The message displayed upon selecting our title from the menu read “Acorn Assault VR: The Ride has closed unexpectedly”, which is not a very useful error message. Instead of trial and error, it was time to configure logcat over TCPIP. This is a much-needed step because you can’t debug your VR title via USB debugging since the port is being used by the VR headset. Here are the step by step instructions on getting adb over tcpip setup: Read More