We Made a Game About Battling Squirrels for our First Game Jam! Play It!

By January 24, 2013Announcements

In our last post I talked about our first game jam. Well, today is the last day and we finished it with a game we are proud to stamp our logo on. Acorn Assault is the result of our long nights of development. It is a turn-based match-three battle game. Think along the lines of Triple Town meets Pokemon Battles. You can choose to play against the computer or a friend locally.

Playing against the computer will get you familiar with how to play the game, but the real fun is fighting against a friend. Luckily for you, along with the Ouya version, we also made a version you can play in your browser. You can read more about the game, check out our trailer and play the game on the product page for it. So check it out. Click here to start hurling acorns at your friends!