Cardboard Zombies in VR – Our Newest Project

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Like many of you, we are excited about the future of VR and have decided a while back to jump in all the way and one of our projects ended up being the re-imagining of our first game ZomNomNom in VR. ZomNomNom was released back in 2012 on iOS and Android and was a zombie shooter built around a mobile phone and tablet interface.

The idea for ZomNomNom was to make something that leveraged the unique capabilities of touchscreen devices. The game is driven completely by tapping and swiping with no need for d-pads or the like. Sure, we did have three on-screen buttons, but they were big and built around the idea of quickly being able to tap to switch your weapons.

So for the VR version of this game we decided to again leverage the unique capabilities of virtual reality and motion tracked controllers.

This time the zombies have come to life in the form of cardboard cutouts! You still play as Red while you try to defend your office Virocorp and prevent zombies from breaking down the office’s doors. The gameplay is something akin to Space Pirate Trainer and Arizona Sunshine. You spend the game on top of a building and pick off the zombies as they try to make it to the doors. Read More

Acorn Assault Throwback Thursday

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It has taken nearly three years, but Acorn Assault: Rodent Revolution is launching next week on March 2nd on Steam. We thought it would be fun to jump back in time to see how far this game has really come.

Let’s start from the beginning. Hot off the heals of ZomNomNom, we were ready to start our next game. We had some ideas of what we wanted to do such as doing something 3D and nothing with zombies. Don’t get us wrong, we love our first born ZomNomNom and all the wacky characters, but that market was very flooded and we needed something fresh. Read More

“Acorn Assault” is Now “Acorn Assault: Rodent Revolution”

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Acorn Assault is being rebranded to Acorn Assault: Rodent Revolution, but don’t freak out! It’s still the same game you know and love. In fact, if you already own Acorn Assault on any platform, you will be getting the update in the future.

You may be wondering why we are rebranding the game if everyone if the old game is going to be updated to the new branding. It’s simple. The first retail launch of Acorn Assault is quite different from where the game is now in some respects and we want Read More

[April Fools!] Acorn Assault Now Available on Your Phone!

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We have heard the cries of our fans. “When will I be able to play Acorn Assault on my phone?” Well today is your lucky day! We have spent countless hours porting the game to mobile so you can have the best squirrel revolution battle experience wherever you are. We are proud to announce Acorn Assault for the Nokia NGage!

Who needs big screen gaming? With a compact 2.1 inch display with an astonishing 208p resolution screen, we feel like this offers the best gaming experience around. You want touch screen capabilities? We will do you one better with touch buttons! Just push in the buttons and things just happen! Read More

The Revolution is Now! Acorn Assault is Available on OUYA

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Acorn Assault is now available on OUYA! Go ahead and download the game for free today!

OUYA Store Page

Game Features
* A solid turn-based strategy game
* A unique match-three mechanic
* Play against friends locally or against the computer
* Earn acorns to spend on power-ups to turn the tides of war in your favor
* It has squirrels fighting each other in people clothes!
* The full version is only $4.99
* May contain nuts

Acorn Assault – The Revolution is Here Feb. 25th!

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In eleven days from now a revolution begins! Acorn Assault will launch on February 25th exclusively on OUYA!

Acorn Assault is a turn-based strategy game with a match-three twist! Play against the computer or against one of your friends! There has been a rift in the squirrels of the forest. An epic battle of the ages has broken out between the warring factions of the Rebellious Raging Rabble and the Mighty and Malicious Monarchy! Who will claim the final victory, and all of those tasty, tasty acorns lies in your very hands!

You may recall us making a game with the same name before and you would be right! It was something we submitted to the OUYA Create Game Jam last year. We have spent this last year improving the gameplay, adding features, Read More

Announcing Acorn Assault

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The squirrel revolution has begun! After years of oppression and acorn hording, the commoners have revolted. Pick up your weapon and fight for the oppressed, or fight to keep your stockpiles of nuts to yourself. Acorn assault is a turn-based match-three strategy game where you can fight against the computer or a friend in local or online battles.

Since the launch of our first game, ZomNomNom, we have been planning and working on Acorn Assault. For those that have followed us, you will remember our entry in the Ouya Create Game Jam by the same name. Since the game jam, we have been working on building our own world of characters and improving the game based on the feedback we got from the community. The game will be releasing this summer on the Ouya game console along with PC, Mac and linux! We will have more to announce about this game soon, so follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest news!