Acorn Assault – The Revolution is Here Feb. 25th!

By February 14, 2014Announcements

In eleven days from now a revolution begins! Acorn Assault will launch on February 25th exclusively on OUYA!

Acorn Assault is a turn-based strategy game with a match-three twist! Play against the computer or against one of your friends! There has been a rift in the squirrels of the forest. An epic battle of the ages has broken out between the warring factions of the Rebellious Raging Rabble and the Mighty and Malicious Monarchy! Who will claim the final victory, and all of those tasty, tasty acorns lies in your very hands!

You may recall us making a game with the same name before and you would be right! It was something we submitted to the OUYA Create Game Jam last year. We have spent this last year improving the gameplay, adding features, balancing the game and building our own unique world for it to take place in. We are super excited to get the final game into your hands and hear how you guys like it! I hope you all try it out on the 25th. Until then, check out our launch trailer and get ready for the squirrel revolution!