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The Oculus Wedge – Custom Oculus Sensor Mount

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There comes a point in every Oculus Rift owner’s life when they think they can do better and I am no exception. No, I’m not talking about in my personal life, but the placement of my Oculus Sensors to give me a better tracking space.

My problem is that where I normally place my sensors, one of the sensor’s camera is blocked a bit by one of my monitors I have on an arm and both are blocked by my desk leading to a no-tracking dead-space area right in front of my desk. This became annoying pretty quick when developing when I needed to reach for things on the floor in front of my desk in VR but just simply could not.

Enter, the Oculus Wedge. We designed the Oculus Wedge to fit in your home and be as unobtrusive as possible while still giving you the best experience possible. The revolutionary 100% bio-degradable design gives you peace of mind you are not harming our beloved planet earth… Okay, enough with my terrible Jony Ive impression. It’s just a piece of wood with some holes and stuff drilled through it, but it works pretty damned well and cost me virtually nothing!

Anyway, here is how I built the thing. Read More