The game that started the squirrel warfare is now on the Google Play store for your Android devices. Acorn Assault: Classic is the original game that was first published on Ouya. The game is free to download so go head to the play store and download it for your phone or tablet!

“Acorn Assault does a fantastic job at building the suspense in a turn-based game” – Ghost Volta

The squirrel revolution is here in ACORN ASSAULT! The Rebels are revolting against the Monarchy for control over all the acorns in the land!

* A Turn-Based, match-3 combat system unlike anything you have played!
* Play online, locally or against the computer.
* Earn acorns to buy power-ups and crush your foes!
* Play against the computer, or against another player locally!
* …And did we mention that the characters are SQUIRRELS? How freaking adorable is that?!?!?!

Get it on Google Play